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Cerebral Palsy Kids & Families

Winning Bid: $2,500.00

1st Place “Best Dressed” Winner – the Charity will receive and additional $10,000.

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CP Kids and Families envisions a future where individuals affected by Cerebral Palsy feel supported to live a rich and full life.  We provide family-focused support, resources, programs and opportunities to Calgary area individuals and families affected by Cerebral Palsy, throughout their life journey.  One of our many programs is the Adapted Bike Program.  The motor abilities of many children with cerebral palsy are severely affected, but customized adaptations like special seats with a backrest, fat wheels, custom foot plates, supportive harnesses and adaptive handle bars can allow a child to experience balance and control on a bike.

Our vision for the horse was to show the power and strength we give to children and parents when they join our community.  Power and Strength are synonymous with the power of a horse.  The wheels, cogs and chains symbolize the adaptability required in creating a modified bike for our kids.  The flames make our horse animated, giving our horse the power, strength and mobility that we strive to provide for each child who will now know the joy of simply riding a bike.


Auction Rules:
All bidding is in Canadian Dollars. Minimum Bid is $500.00 CAD.
Depending on shipping location, additional shipping charges may apply.
Bidding will close on Friday, September 11th at 11:59pm Mountain Time.
Your bid is made completely anonymous online.

When you place a bid, you are committing to purchase. In order to ensure the stated goals, ultimate success and the integrity of the Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up initiative (the program) for both the potential buyers (bidders) and the individual charities participating, once auction bids for any individual horse reach and surpass $2,500 Spruce Meadows, on behalf of the program, reserves the right to contact the respective bidders to confirm credibility, intention and ability to pay the amount currently bid and leading the auction. This may include credit card confirmation or certified banking arrangements. Successful/winning bids are deemed binding.  We will contact the winning bidder after Friday, September 11th for payment details.

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Product Description

Cerebral-PalsyCerebral Palsy Kids and Families (CPKF) operating under the Calgary Cerebral Palsy Association is a Calgary based non-profit organization and registered charity dedicated to one mission; they provide family-focused support, resources, programs, and opportunities to Calgary-area individuals and families affected by cerebral palsy, throughout their life journey.

Their motto is to “Light up a Child’s Life” which reflects the majority of their membership base. In addition to families of children with cerebral palsy, their membership also includes adult individuals with cerebral palsy and interested organizations. In response to the largest community needs, CPKF has tailored many of its services and programs to assist children and fill a void left by other community sources.


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