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Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society

Winning Bid: $1,700.00

1st Place “Best Design” Winner – the Charity will receive and additional $10,000.

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A Message of Hope and Better Times

There is no place on earth where women are safe from violence against them. It’s prevalent in every society in the world. Our society is not immune to this plight as Alberta has one of the highest rates of domestic abuse in the country. That means 1 in every 4 women in Calgary has been subjected to physical violence by an intimate partner.

What would our city without domestic violence look like? It might be utopian thinking, but we need to dream— as it is possible. Our horse represents a world without domestic violence. Each detail symbolizes the experience our women and children go through, as they have a fresh new start, a life free from violence.

Blue Skies— the hope of better things, the storm has passed
Red Roses — Red is the colour of true love, passion, life force
Transition in the Horse Colour— Accepting transitions and changes as a positive force
Gold—Life is precious. We are worthy of precious things
Gold Foiled Pattern Leaves— New growth

By joining us to help women and children who are fleeing domestic violence, you have the power to help eradicate violence in our city. Our programs give women the tools to help break the cycle of abuse. If you commit, it can be done.


Auction Rules:
All bidding is in Canadian Dollars. Minimum Bid is $500.00 CAD.
Depending on shipping location, additional shipping charges may apply.
Bidding will close on Friday, September 11th at 11:59pm Mountain Time.
Your bid is made completely anonymous online.

When you place a bid, you are committing to purchase. In order to ensure the stated goals, ultimate success and the integrity of the Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up initiative (the program) for both the potential buyers (bidders) and the individual charities participating, once auction bids for any individual horse reach and surpass $2,500 Spruce Meadows, on behalf of the program, reserves the right to contact the respective bidders to confirm credibility, intention and ability to pay the amount currently bid and leading the auction. This may include credit card confirmation or certified banking arrangements. Successful/winning bids are deemed binding.  We will contact the winning bidder after Friday, September 11th for payment details.

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Product Description

Discovery-HouseDiscovery House is devoted to the safety and well-being of women with children leaving domestic violence and abuse. They offer stability, hope, and opportunity to their clients through individualized long-term residential and community support services which result in healthier families and stronger communities.

On any given day, they support nearly 400 women and children through their highly secure 19-suite residential facility and innovative Community Housing Program that supports one hundred families at one time.  Discovery House’s skilled and compassionate staff provides each mother and child with the tools, resources, and skill sets needed to heal and integrate safely back into the community.


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