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Literacy for Life

Winning Bid: $1,200.00

Literacy for Life Foundation is a charity that provides service in the MD of Foothills #31, with a provincial impact through training and program development. The organization believes that literacy is more than books. As reflected in the design of the horse, it is critical that individuals have a foundation that starts at birth, and skills continue to build throughout life. The river rock represents the foundation.  The rocks start small at the hoof of the horse with a symbol of a music note to represent the rhythm and rhymes of early language development.  The rocks become bigger as you move up the horse with the symbols of ABC representing the development of more formal language and literacy skills and on to the largest rocks with our dancing happy person from LFL’s logo representing a healthy, happy adult.  The blue represents the river of learning with endless opportunities and the darker colors represent the bumps and turbulence that many people face as they develop the literacy and learning skills they need for success in life, work and community. This marvelous piece of art was created in house, by Nicole Levesque, Program Coordinator.


Auction Rules:
All bidding is in Canadian Dollars. Minimum Bid is $500.00 CAD.
Depending on shipping location, additional shipping charges may apply.
Bidding will close on Friday, September 11th at 11:59pm Mountain Time.
Your bid is made completely anonymous online.

When you place a bid, you are committing to purchase. In order to ensure the stated goals, ultimate success and the integrity of the Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up initiative (the program) for both the potential buyers (bidders) and the individual charities participating, once auction bids for any individual horse reach and surpass $2,500 Spruce Meadows, on behalf of the program, reserves the right to contact the respective bidders to confirm credibility, intention and ability to pay the amount currently bid and leading the auction. This may include credit card confirmation or certified banking arrangements. Successful/winning bids are deemed binding.  We will contact the winning bidder after Friday, September 11th for payment details.

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Product Description

Literacy-for-LifeLiteracy for Life (LFL) facilitates, designs, and delivers literacy and learning programs and services to improve the lives of community members and their families. This organization operates on the concept that literacy is more than just the skills of reading and writing. It gives individuals a voice, a way to share their story and skills with the world. LFL strives to provide positive learning environments, relationships, esteem and confidence to attain optimum learning and literacy development. It offers its programs to all residents of the MD of Foothills, at little or no cost to the learner, family or community agency.


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