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Renfrew Recovery Centre / Calgary Health Trust | “Freedom’s Journey”

Winning Bid: $1,500.00

“I’ve always wanted to paint a horse, but as an abstract artist, I never expected it to come true, until now. As an abstract piece my goal was to create something interspersed with emotion and energy.

For this piece, the clients were the Renfrew Recovery Centre and The Calgary Health Trust and I needed to create something that would evoke the emotions involved with recovery.

After much discussion with everyone involved it was decided we wanted to portray the journey from darkness of addiction to the lighter aspect of recovery and to do this we painted the lower section of the horse very dark blues and browns and these fade to pale blues, yellows and whites as you move up the horse.

If you look on the sides and lower sections of the horse you’ll see streaks and circular swirls representing the turbulence of addiction and these are interspersed with fine white lines of what could be described as lightning or energy. These represent the ups and downs of the path recovery can be ridden with.

Finally over laid along these white lines you”ll see swaths of white dots.As an abstract artist I’m known for my dots and have even been referred to as the “Dot lady”.To me dots are fun and energetic and provide positive energy which is the path we hope that those recovering from addiction get to see.

As much as I’ve enjoyed this journey of painting a horse, it’s an even more important journey for those going through recovery and that led us to the name of this horse. “Freedom’s Journey” seemed to be a perfect fit and I hope through my abstract interpretation you two can feel the energy and the positivity that can be created through the support of programs like the Renfrew Recovery Centre.

Thanks to everyone at Spruce Meadows, The Calgary Health Trust and the Renfrew Recovery Centre for this opportunity. For more background and to watch the story of the creation of the horse you can visit my website at http://www.KarenBiko.com/horse where I have a series of videos and more about Freedom’s Journey’s story.”

Watch this video on how “Freedom’s Journey” was created.


Auction Rules:
All bidding is in Canadian Dollars. Minimum Bid is $500.00 CAD.
Depending on shipping location, additional shipping charges may apply.
Bidding will close on Friday, September 11th at 11:59pm Mountain Time.
Your bid is made completely anonymous online.

When you place a bid, you are committing to purchase. In order to ensure the stated goals, ultimate success and the integrity of the Horses Jump to Give a Leg Up initiative (the program) for both the potential buyers (bidders) and the individual charities participating, once auction bids for any individual horse reach and surpass $2,500 Spruce Meadows, on behalf of the program, reserves the right to contact the respective bidders to confirm credibility, intention and ability to pay the amount currently bid and leading the auction. This may include credit card confirmation or certified banking arrangements. Successful/winning bids are deemed binding.  We will contact the winning bidder after Friday, September 11th for payment details.

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Product Description

Renfrew-Recovery-CenterThe Renfrew Recovery Centre (RCC) is a 40-bed residential facility offering medically supported detoxification services (stabilization, assessment and referral to other medical programs) to Albertans while they withdraw from the effects of alcohol and other drugs. It is the only residential addiction centre run by Alberta Health Services in all of southern Alberta. Staffed by doctors, nurses, addiction counselors, social workers, and other dedicated staff, their goal is to instill “hope for a life worth living” in a safe and supportive environment during withdrawal.


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